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Newport Atelier

A place for inspiration

We have created Newport Atelier to honor the beauty of interior design. It´s a place where we highlight and give our signature pieces the space they deserve.

From the Atelier
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Newport Atelier Newport Atelier Newport Atelier Newport Atelier Newport Atelier Newport Atelier Newport Atelier
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Newport Atelier

Newport Atelier is more than just a shop – it is a place for inspiration

Newport Atelier is a studio in constant motion where you´ll be surprised and inspired. Limited editions, seasonal renewals and unique collaborations will make you realize how your home can reach its full potential. A visit at Newport Atelier is something other than regular shopping. It´s a next-generation experience of both inspiration and well-being. Blurring the lines between residential and retail we inspire a new way of living. Think of Newport Atelier more like a gallery than a store. It´s a place that expresses the style of elegant interior design that still works with your everyday life. We have created an environment where you´ll be inspired and can take a rest at the same time.

An impressive atelier needs a spot for tranquility. This makes us proud to present Nick´s coffee & bar as part of Newport Atelier. Feel welcome to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy the atmosphere. You can also book a meeting with our interior designers or just stroll around finding new ideas.

Newport Atelier

Atelier [əˈtel.i.eɪ]

An atelier is an artist´s or designer´s place of creativity. It is basically a workshop or a studio, but “atelier” sounds way cooler. It is a French word, so say it with an accent.

Welcome to Nick's Bar. Surrounded by an inviting atmosphere, beautiful products and professional staff, you can sit down in our Nicks Bar and just enjoy.

During a fresh cup of coffee, we can discuss your ideas and start a process that will bring your project to life!

Let us serve you with inspiration and feel the creativity flow.

Located in the heart of Norrköping Newport Atelier can be easily reached by anyone. Wall to wall, in our flagship store, we offer further opportunities. The world of Newport is a journey of inspiring and international vibes. We combine a premium lifestyle with classic design traditions where craftmanship and excellent details are highly valued. The Newport concept goes far beyond temporary trends and focuses on long-term design that will last for years.


Interior consultation service

Our interior designers bring your vision of your home to life. With their knowledge and true love for beautiful design, they guide you through the exiting and creative process. Together you´ll find the solutions that make your home personal and unique. Our designers will develop a detailed creative proposal tailored to the way you want to live.

Newport Atelier