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Vanessa del Rio

Get up close and personal with Vanessa del Rio, America’s first Latina star and an icon of exuberant sexuality for men and women worldwide. Presented through Vanessa’s own archive and in her own words, this volume celebrates a life as wild as anything you’ll see on screen with candid images, personal anecdotes, and a 140-minute DVD documentary.

In this sumptuous over-sized volume, TASCHEN celebrates a remarkably candid, confident, and exuberantly sexual woman. Presented through Vanessa’s own archive, in her own words, is a life at once shocking, titillating, amusing, and inspiring. And because paper and ink can’t do justice to a personality this big, an original 140-minute DVD documentary is included. If you aren’t already convinced, this book will end all doubt that there could ever be another woman like Vanessa del Rio.

Limited edition of 1,300 copies, each numbered and signed by Vanessa del Rio

7 799 kr

Inget leveransbesked.

30 x 30 cm
Hardcover in clamshell box